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How to energise water with your BioDisc

Energising Water

How to energise water

Energising (tap, bottled, filtered) water is as easy as running the water onto the BioDisc (either on the concave or convex side) and collecting it. Liquid that comes into physical contact with the BioDisc gets energised instantly.

Energising Drinking Water

Energising Drinking Water

Standing a bottle of water on or near the BioDisc overnight will also energise your water. The bottle or water need not be in physical contact but sufficient time (overnight) is required for the water to be energised.

Energising Drinks

Energising Drinks

Why you want to energise your drinks?

People with lactose intolerance - energise your milk and see whether it troubles your stomach anymore.

Energise your soft drinks - it reduces the gassiness and the sweetness of your drink.

BioDisc creates bio-molecular structures within liquids and emit bio-frequency. This in turn reform your drinking water to peak condition.

You don’t need to stand each and every one of your drinks onto the BioDisc. Just place your other drinks around the BioDisc. If you have a pack of drinks, just put the BioDisc on the pack and leave it overnight.

Alternatively, dip the BioDisc into your water filter. You don’t have to take it out. There won’t be a situation of over energising.

General & Household Tips
Listed are some General & Household tips of using the BioDisc that we have experienced or encountered. Try them for yourself.

Cut Finger
If you experienced cuts to your body, spay energised BioDisc water on affected part. The bleeding is known to stop easily and help heal the cut.

Stiff Neck Stiff Neck / Joint Pains
This is where the BioDisc excel. At least to most of us. About 6" from the affected area, rotate the BioDisc in a circular anti-clockwise direction for 20~30 minutes. It is known to relief pain.

A much better and quicker effect can be obtained if the light from a torchlight (turning counter clockwise) is shined through the BioDisc onto the affected part.

Bean Sprout
Crunchy Bean Sprout
Soak your bean sprout in BioDisc energised water in a container before being cooked for a couple of hours. When cooked, the bean sprout will retain it's crunchiness even if it's fried cooked.

Cooking Rice
Wash and cook your rice with BioDisc energised water. You'll find that the rice will last longer and usually not turn bad overnight.

Similar effect to the rice, spray energised BioDisc water onto the plastic wrapping of the bread. The bread will last longer even if the energised water is sprayed onto the plastic wrapping and not onto the bread directly.

Stay Sharp
Place your razors on the BioDisc after use. You'll find that your razor stays sharp longer.

Better Petrol Consumption
Hold the BioDisc next to the petrol nozzle. Squeeze the nozzle gently so that the petrol is filled slowly. Thereafter note the mileage you'll get!

Fress Food
Keeping Food Fresh
Keeping your vegetables, fruits, milk and juices in the refrigerator fresh is a simple matter. Just place the BioDisc in the refrigerator overnight and the food articles remains fresher longer.

Stains On Clothings
Hurry or clumsy during meals? You got stains on your clothings. Remove the stains by simply spraying BioDisc energised water onto it and see the curry or sauce stain washes away.

Lactose Intolerance
Your stomach doesn't agree with milk? No worries. Pour your milk over the BioDisc and drink it.